Dual HDminiSAS 12G to 2x HDminiSAS, 50cm
For Broadcom 9440 Controller Card Cable

型 號: 6700875-0500

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銷售價: $929

Suit for Broadcom 9440 Tri-Mode Controller Card

x4 NVMe drive connect requires a special cable
Cable re-orders lanes and effectively de-swizzles the adapter layout
U.2 Enabler Cable also necessary for maximizing card flexibility when connecting to x2 and x1 NVMe drives

適用於 Broadcom 9440 三模控制器卡

• x4 NVMe 驅動器連接需要特殊電纜
• 電纜重新排列通道並有效地去除適配器佈局
• 連接 x2 和 x1 NVMe 驅動器時,還需要 U.2 啟動器電纜以最大限度地提高卡的靈活性


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